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Client PQS Services

AD Quantity Surveyors has established considerable expertise in all sectors of the construction industry and can offer a number of professional services that can be customised to meet the specific needs of our clients.


AD Quantity Surveyors provide services to the highest professional standards with integrity, reliability and a hands on approach to our Clients, delivering cost certainty on projects large or small. We offer a full Construction Cost Consultant service for each project from cost plan, to tender documents through to the completion of your project. 


An overview of standard services offered by AD Quantity Surveyors to our Clients are as follows:

Business Consultation

Initial Cost Advice & Feasibility Studies

From the commencement of every project our most important consideration is that the Client achieves value for money. In order to obtain the best value for money for our Client and to ensure the project is viable, costs must be weighed against time, quality and aesthetics and a Client acceptable budget agreed. 

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Budget Estimating & Cost Planning

AD Quantity Surveyors provide detailed cost estimates during the design phase to obtain an anticipated construction cost model framework on the project, while also helping to identify a number of possible cost risk areas. This budget estimate provides the Client with information showing if some areas of the project are not achieving value for money, this allows the Design team to carry out value engineering and proposing a more economical solution without sacrificing the quality of the completed project. Throughout the remainder of the design phase and the construction phase each section of the cost plan is reviewed to ensure the overall scheme remains within the budget. 


Value Engineering

Value Engineering is most advantageous during the design stage of a project, however, Value Engineering can be utilized during any phase of a construction project to ensure the best value is obtained for the Client for their project to succeed. AD Quantity Surveyors takes a practical but creative approach to value engineering at all stages of a project to ensure value for money is achieved for our clients. Through value engineering workshops, and our knowledge and experience in various sectors of the construction industry, we can establish the best balance between the cost and the functionality of a product. We also ensure that the quality of the design and product specification is not reduced while reducing costs.

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Risk Assessment

With the construction industries ever evolving nature, there are various risks during the design and construction of any project which may include budget overrun, programme risks or changes in legislation. At all stages of your project, AD Quantity Surveyors review and identify risks relating to that stage of the project, allowing for the evaluation of any risks, and for the determination of appropriate control measures to minimize the risk. Where possible we will present a number of expected outcomes to the Client which will allow them make an informed decision on how they would prefer to proceed.

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Procurement And Tendering

As Cost Consultants our primary concern is to maintain cost certainty for our Clients, which is why it is vital to ensure an appropriate procurement route and contract arrangement is implemented. To allow us to achieve this, a number of considerations are made based on our clients requirements which will influence any decision on procurement route such as, time, cost certainty, buildable quality, specialist input and operational requirements are just some areas that influence any decision in this process.

AD Quantity Surveyors can assist in explaining the possible procurement options for a project, and recommending the most appropriate procurement option for a particular project. Some of the typical procurement options include traditional method, design and build contract, management contracts and cost reimbursement contracts.

AD Quantity Surveyors have extensive experience in the preparation of highly detailed and accurate tender Bills of Quantities on small and large scale projects. We can also prepare detailed Instructions to Tenderers and Forms of Tender. 

AD Quantity Surveyors carry out a high level analysis of all tender return documents to ensure that they are compliant and priced properly prior to recommending a preferred contractor to our Clients, we can also assist in any final pre-contract negotiations with contractors to ensure value for money.

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Cost Control during Construction

AD Quantity Surveyors ensure that all the cost control measures established during the design stage of a project are brought into the construction phase, we take a hands on approach to monitor costs during construction through communication, site visits and record keeping. Variations are constantly monitored and agreed where possible and financial reports are updated on a monthly bases to show a forecast final account. 


Recommendation of Contractors Progress Claims

Monthly valuations of construction progress are carried out following submittal of a claim for payment by a contractor. The method of these will vary at different stages of the construction phase but will generally include review of the contractors claim, on site measurement, obtaining further information from the contractor where required and preparation of our recommendation document. This ensures that the client is not paying for works that are not completed or materials that are not purchased.

Signing Contract

Agreement of Final Account

A final account is the final overall contract sum including all necessary adjustments and shows the total agreed amount that a Client will pay a contractor. Through our hands on approach of financial monitoring of projects and agreeing variations as they arise, AD Quantity Surveyors can take advantage of being able to speedily agree a final account upon the completion of a project 

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